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Thank you for your interest in our hard work! November 21, 2022

Compatible with: ProPricer Contractor Edition Enterprise version 9.4.103
Database upgrade required? No


  • Travel costs are no longer calculated incorrectly when Per Diem Factor (First Day) and Per Diem Factor (Last Day) have been changed to a value other than 1.000000. The calculation now uses the factors entered instead of 1.000000.

Known issues

  • An error occurs when workflow is linked to the WBS level and existing workflow steps are edited.
  • When multiple workflow steps have the same name, they cannot be saved or linked to the WBS or task level.
  • When an error is made in a Quick Add cell, error icons appear in all the cells in the row.
  • An incorrect error message appears when an attempt is made to restore a proposal archive that was exported from ProPricer CE Enterprise. A different message should appear to correctly explain the error.
  • Restoring large proposal archive files causes delays, and an error message sometimes appears.
  • When selecting a direct rate table for a proposal, an error message appears indicating that the system is out of memory.
  • After fixing an incorrect value in a Quick Add form, the error icon and message remain visible.
  • In the Resource Changes what-if, factors with more than six decimal places are calculating incorrectly.
  • When the Resource Changes what-if is run on a locked task and the same resource is changed multiple times, the Status column correctly shows Error for the first resource change, but incorrectly shows Success for subsequent resource changes. When this issue occurs, no estimates are changed.
  • Users remain logged in when another user attempts to end their active session. After refreshing their browser, users can access EstimatorFLEX again without entering credentials.
  • An error occurs when users attempt to access EstimatorFLEX from a bookmark of the Log In page. There is no issue if the start URL is bookmarked instead.
  • The Update Travel feature applies incorrect rental car rates when weekly and monthly rental car rates are enabled in a proposal's travel rate table. This issue will be fixed in the next product release.

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